Paulson’s 1st & 2nd Quarter Awards & Summer Cookout

The annual Paulson’s subcontractor and vendor cookout was held on Thursday, August 20th this year. The event was well attended as many Paulson’s associates came together to relax and have some fun. This was also a chance for everyone to meet our new field superintendent, Craig, who came aboard this summer.

Employee awards were announced as well. The award for Employee of the 1st Quarter went to Tim Suchodolski. Tim is our salesperson and has been with Paulson’s since 2012. He continues to create great rapport with our Paulson’s clients and his sales reflect that he has done so. Thanks, Tim!

The Paulson’s Employee of the 2nd Quarter was awarded to Alison. She has been with Paulson’s since its founding in 1996 and is our office manager. Due to changing staff positions, Alison took on several different roles this quarter in addition to her regular position to help things run smoothly during a time of transition.