Questions and Answers

What is a Graduate Master Remodeler?

The Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) designation is awarded to those individuals who have achieved educational excellence and longevity in the remodeling industry. Sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, the GMR is a new program as of 2008 designed to be the master level of the current CGR (Certified Graduate Remodeler) designation. The GMR allows CGRs to attain further recognition for their commitment to excellence in the remodeling industry. To earn the GMR designation, an individual must meet several qualifications including having a minimum of 15 years of remodeling experience and having an active CGR for 9 years or an active CR (Certified Remodeler) from NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) for 10 years. Candidates must also successfully complete the 5 required GMR courses and adhere to the GMR code of ethics. In order to maintain their designation, GMRs must also complete 12 hours of continuing education every three years. When you hire a Graduate Master Remodeler, you can expect an experienced professional committed to quality. To this date there is only one in the State of Michigan and we’re proud that it’s Paul.

What is Installation Masters ™ and why should it matter to me?

There are a lot of companies offering windows installed at amazingly low prices. How do they do it? We regularly hear about installers who claim to be certified, but are they really? Paul & Mark are Certified Installation Masters ™ Installers. We have proof to back it up. They even carry identification badges on them & you can easily look them up at Our competition may claim to have a “green product”, but if it is not installed properly it could leak air & water, and may not insulate properly. That will not help with your heating bills and could cause damage to the structure. If it’s not installed right, is the warranty valid?Also non-certified installers may disappear from the area after the installation is complete. Our customers can locate us on Installation Masters ™ website, along with several other qualified sites even if we do move our location. Paulson’s believes in doing a job right the first time for lasting results.

What is a Certified Green Professional (CGP)?

The Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation identifies those of a select group of professional builders, remodelers and other industry professionals that have demonstrated knowledge of the best strategies for incorporating green building principles into homes. The CGP program is administered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing and requires course work covering a variety of information tailored to green building and business practices. The CGP curriculum incorporates training by leading building industry practitioners and academics on a range of topics, including strategies for incorporating green-building principles into homes using cost-effective methods of construction, and how green homes provide buyers with lower maintenance and good indoor air quality. Techniques are also discussed for competitively differentiating your home products with increased indoor environmental quality as well as energy and resource efficiency.

What is a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR)?

The Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) designation is awarded to those professional remodelers who have met nationally defined criteria for previous experience, adhere to prescribed business standards and engage in continuing education. To earn the CGR designation, a remodeler must complete a series of industry-specific courses, provide letters of recommendation, proof of licensing and insurance, and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

What is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)?

The Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation recognizes professionals trained in identifying the needs of seniors and those with disabilities and applying the best strategies for incorporating aging in place principles into home modifications. The CAPS program is administered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing and requires course work covering many aspects of aging in place modifications including strategies and techniques for designing and building aesthetically enriching, barrier-free living environments. The CAPS program goes beyond design to address the codes and standards, common remodeling expenditures and projects, products ideas, and resources needed to provide comprehensive and practical aging in place solutions. The focus of CAPS professionals is to allow seniors and others with special needs to remain living at home by making modifications to increase comfort and safety.

What is a Certified Remodeler (CR)?

NARI (National Association of the Remodeling industry) Certified Remodelers (CRs) are professional remodelers who provide a full range of remodeling services. To become a CR, candidates must possess skill and knowledge in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas. To qualify for the CR designation, applicants must meet all of the following:

  • Be employed by or own a firm that derives at least 90% of its sales volume through remodeling work
  • Adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Have a minimum of five years continuous experience in the remodeling industry
  • Complete 16 hours of continuing education
  • Receive an acceptable review by the NARI Certification Board by providing an outline detailing their hands-on experience, industry training, involvement in continuing education, technical skills, practices in business management, as well as association and community service.
  • Successfully complete a comprehensive written examination covering critical subject areas such as sound business management practices, knowledge of building codes and construction law, plans and specification, proper and safe use of tools and equipment, safety, standards of practice, math, and several special skill areas.

This prestigious designation has been awarded to Paul McClorey. There are less than 10 CR’s in the state at this time. When it comes to your home, who would you rather trust? Someone with a truck and some tools? Or, someone who is proven and “certified”?

Will I get an itemized estimate?

Usually not. Itemizing is kind of like buying dinner at a restaurant on the a la carte menu. Depending upon the scope of your project, we may break it into sections or phases and subtotal those sections for you. Estimating is a very involved process. We spend a lot of time on estimates to be sure they are as accurate as possible. During this process we take into account that at certain stages of any project we may have people there for less than a day. Expenses can be saved by having that person perform another task to finish the day. Whereas, in the a la carte version, each task has its own line with its own expenses associated with it. We try our best to “package” or “bundle” things so it makes sense in the pricing and in the scheduling of men and materials.

Will you install products that I supply?

Quality matters! Even in this lackluster economy, quality is still of vital importance. At Paulson’s, quality is, and always has been, our #1 objective. We have quality employees, quality contractors and suppliers, quality products, and our 3 yr warranty backs that up. Some people ask us to install certain products (sometimes they want to supply them). Many times we have to decline. There are a host of products out there that we know just won’t last and we would rather install something we know will look good and function properly for many years to come. Sometimes the problem is where the products are manufactured. Sometimes it can be where they are purchased from. Not all places sell the same products. They are made to look the same, but parts of them have been changed and lesser quality parts are substituted. Have you ever wondered how or why things are cheaper at some places? We do the research, we have the experience, we have standards that we don’t compromise. Let us show you what we can do for you and your home. Call us today! The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the sweetness of low cost. -Author Unknown

What’s the showroom all about?

We are set up with a showroom, offices, warehouse, and shop space in Howell, MI. The showroom contains MANY items that help facilitate the selection process. Rather than going to multiple stores to find cabinets, countertops, tile, decking, lighting, appliances, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, and accessibility products, our showroom offers everything in one location. It helps with everything in one spot to save time and ease the color selections because things can all be compared at the same time. If you’ve done this before I’m sure you realize the convenience of not having to go to multiple stores and between them multiple times. Our place of business also makes it easy for meeting to discuss plans, specification, blueprints, contracts, and everything else associated with your project. Of course we are always willing and able to do the selections and paperwork at your location as well. The showroom is available as a convenience to all of our clients.

What is your warranty?

Our warranty is for three years. Basically, that is on the labor that we perform. Manufacturers have their own warranties that may be lesser or greater. We are always willing to help you obtain information on any manufacturer that we use on your project. As you can imagine, our warranty is a legal document that we will be happy to provide to you along with the other documents that pertain to your project. Keep in mind, the minimum warranty required by law for licensed builders, in the State of Michigan, is 12 months. You may have heard that it is 18 months. This is quite simply NOT true. You can verify this with the State of Michigan. Please understand any offerings by contractors to be sure you are getting what you think you are. We are not shy about the quality of our work and standing behind it-for You.

What about price?

Price is always a critical part of all remodeling projects but there’s usually more to it than just the money. Whoever works on your home will be working with probably your largest personal investment of time and money. We understand this and take our job seriously so you get the right results. There are some companies out there that make a lot of promises and fall short on delivery. We could easily give you a low number but what would that be based upon. Would it be low end plumbing products? Maybe the cheapest labor we could find? Or, we could always do the bare minimum. After all, that would “meet code”. (The “code” is a minimum prescription don’t forget.) Some people really promote their work as “to code”. That’s just “code” for the minimum allowed by law. And what would you get if it didn’t meet code? At Paulson’s, we strive to give all of our clients more than they can get somewhere else. The minimum, or “good enough”, is never acceptable here. “Builder grade” and terms such as that are not allowed (even if that’s what a client says they want). We use name brand products that have proven themselves over time and purchase them from reliable suppliers NOT the “big box” stores. This gets you the full product, not the watered down version, and a full warranty. The contractors we work with are all top notch. They have proven themselves as well in the areas of quality, reliability, customer service and warranty. Some of our contractors have been with Paul since 1990 (even before Paulson’s began). Our employees are specifically chosen for the qualities they bring to the table and their contributions to our client’s satisfaction are what we consistently hear the most about. Our largest source of new work is repeat clients. That certainly wouldn’t be the case if everyone thought they paid too much, didn’t get good products and/or service, or weren’t treated properly. Our entire team is here to bring you something better, something that will function for your needs, something you’ll be proud to show off, and something you’ll be happy with for years to come. All of this is why we offer a standard three year warranty on everything we do. (Most companies offer one year) We believe by doing things differently, with a different attitude, it adds up to a much better finished product for, you, our client. We would certainly love to be a part of your project. Let us know how we can help.

Where did the name Paulson’s come from?

This is a very common question, especially when people realize Paul’s last name is McClorey. Well, it’s pretty simple. Paul & sons put together makes Paulson’s. Paul & Ali have three teenage sons and you may see them on a job here and there especially in the summer. As the business grows, the boys will become more and more involved and, who knows, maybe they’ll stay on. Stay tuned. Paul and Ali also have 2 daughters and while they’re both pretty young yet, you may see them working at the office once in a while. They enjoy cleaning and organizing the showroom.

What happens to old doors and windows from remodeled homes?

Sometimes we keep some interesting old materials from remodeled homes for use in future projects. Some of these recycled items may be available for sale on our “Paulson’s Garage” page.