2016 Annual and Quarterly Awards

Paulson’s Awards Presented
December 2016

At our annual Christmas celebration on December 15th quarterly and annual awards were presented. The employee of the fourth quarter was presented to Peter McClorey. Peter has been working full time in the field as a carpenter and is doing a great job. His skills are expanding and his talents are valued. He has also scored lots of points with our clients for great customer service! Thanks, Pete!

Also to be congratulated is Katie Young. Katie was awarded the 2016 Employee of the 3rd Quarter! Katie is new to Paulson’s this year as our receptionist. Her cheerful demeanor and willing to do just about anything that needs to be done around the office from phone and correspondence to cleaning and setting up displays has made her a valued addition to the Paulson’s team. Congratulations, Katie!

The employee of the year for 2016 was presented to Tim Suchodolski. This award is presented to the employee who is not only a team player, but goes above and beyond that which is asked of them. Tim has done a great job with sales this year and also has stepped up to manage some of his jobs in the field this year as well. Much appreciation goes to Tim for all his hard work and dedication to Paulson’s this year.

A fourth award was presented to one of our subcontractors. The annual Subcontractor of the Year went to Rick Johnson of Progressive Contracting. We have a long history with Rick, as Progressive Contracting has been one of our valued subcontractors since we were established in 1996. Rick always does a great job, and his expertise is certainly appreciated on some of our more challenging remodeling projects!

A great time was had by all at our get together; and it was a great time to recognize all those who help Paulson’s to be the great company that it is.